Dreaming of Super Power Philippines

After finishing my morning ritual of hand-grinding my Sumatra coffee beans and savouring the aroma that filled my Indonesian-inspired kitchen, I left my mansion in the posh village located in Pasay.  I was driven in my white Sarao limousine by a British-national driver sent to me by the British labour agency.

While inside the car, I checked my e-mail sent to me by my Norwegian secretary.  When I opened my Kyowa-labelled computer, it indicated that I will have a late lunch meeting with the economic power brokers who run the world’s economy.  These guys are from Bangladesh, Somalia and Afghanistan – earth’s most powerful economies after the Philippines.

But my meeting with these men will be before I have personally interviewed the line-up of immigrants from poverty-stricken US and Canada applying as housekeepers and gardeners in my mansion.  Mother Nengkoy wanted me to personally screen these people from these 3rd world countries because her previous laundry-ladies from extremely poor Ireland and Switzerland were such lazy fools.

After my short but influential meetings with the power brokers, I would have to have a tea-break with my friends from Haiti and Mongolia – the planet’s next superpowers (of course after the Philippines).  My secretary told me that my tea-break will be at 7-star Sogo Hotel in the high-end with lush-greenery of  Baseco Compound.  I promised to let my Haitian and Mongolian friends to taste Tsaang Gubat, the most expensive tea in the solar system.

While I am driven to my high-tech newly renovated office located in the commercial district of Sitio Magdalena in Tondo, Manila, I received a phone call from a good and incalculably wealthy friend who is inviting me to have a long weekend vacation in Ethiopia.  She expressed that Ethiopia now has the grandest museum.  I agreed to go to affluent and well-heeled Ethiopia this weekend but I disagree that it has the grandest museum because the Philippines have the largest and most technologically advanced museum.  Philippines’ National Museum now located in Sapang Palay Bulacan owns and houses pieces that were previously seen in Vatican Museum, New York Metropolitan, Hermitage in Russia and Muse Du Lourve in France.  Thanks to Ka Totoy Talastas the museum’s chief curator who encouraged the Philippine government to acquire and purchase all these pieces from those impoverished and penniless countries that previously owns it.

When the car reached Sitio Magdalena and when I was about to alight the limousine in front of my 168-storey building… I woke up from this tremendous dream.

Ayun! Nagising ako.  Oras na para mamalansta! Hahaha!

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