Happy Mothers Day 2019

The most challenging hurdle in the world, I guess, is to raise me as a child and that unthinkable task has been assigned by the heavens to this lady.  She’s a lot of things to a lot of people. And she need not be in cape nor costume to be my hero. She is simply the incomparable!  Nengkoy who else?

nengkoy unknowingly provided flowers in this tranquil garden.  photo from her most recent trip to japan

Happy Mothers Day!


Superman Ceased Wearing Briefs While A New Superhero Wears Panties

superman costumeI’m a bit disappointed when I saw on screen the changes in the Superman costume. He has gone commando (sort of) and no longer wears with those red little briefs.  But with or without the red underwear, the Man of Steel will always be my favorite superhero.

But wait.  In the midst of giving up the red briefs by the western-made superhero, a new superhero emerges from the other side of the planet.  He’s Hentai Kamen.  The eastern-made forbidden superhero!  He’s not wearing briefs but a pair of panties.

Unlike the old-fashioned and non-sense red briefs of the Superman, the panties for this Japanese superhero, I guess, would be very essential. Why?  It is used not to cover his golden balls but to actually conceal his face and his identity.

Watch this and behold the hero of Japan…

Hentai Kamen is no ordinary panty-masked hentai for he is the Hentai of Justice!

hentain kamen

hentain kamen

I would die and go to heaven in case a movie would be made starring the Man of Steel and Hentai Kamen.  Imagine two super powers from the east and west??? This dream of a movie will definitely give the Avengers a run for their money.

Kayanin kaya ng mga cosplayers ang kostyum ni Hentai Kamen???