Rare Photos: A Mother’s Day Special

Unless done and taken by a well-known or critically acclaimed photographer, a photo is often appreciated on what it contains.  Unless you tell that it’s shot by a popular photographer, only few or even no one would ask who took your photo.  May it be a good angle of your face, a suddenly slim-looking body or a surprisingly sweet smile it’s always the person on the photo who receives raves and praises and never the photographer.

So to appreciate a work done by a nonentity in the field of photography, let me post two rare photos taken by her.  These photos are preciously exquisite because the one who took it is often the one photographed and never the one behind to click the camera.   These photos are so rare because she never shoots photos for she doesn’t know how to operate a camera.

These photos were taken from our recent trip abroad.  In our trip to Japan, I and my family were able to accumulate more than a thousand images and snapshots to chronicle our delightful adventures.  And out of these voluminous shots, only four photos were made by her.  I will post only two of these four shots since the “qualities” and “characters” of such photos are basically the same.  Again and let me reiterate that she is always the one photographed and never the one who photographs.

no.  there's nothing wrong with your vision.  actually, it's very artistic.

no. there’s nothing wrong with your vision.
it actually looks very artistic.

love this shot!

love this shot! “may nginig paktor!!!”

These rare photos were taken by Nengkoy.

These photos are stupendously extraordinary because it took us long arduous minutes to prolong our smile, held our breath and stay motionless on a pose.  We need to stay still and wait for Nengkoy to peep through the narrow viewer and at the same time find her index finger to the camera’s shutter to shoot these atypical pictures. The waiting to hear the clicking camera to shoot these motionless moments were so gruelingly prolonged, all of us in the photo kept quiet which made the room so silent it hurt my ear.

After four shots, we gave up, no one complained and quietly proceeded to call a waiter to order our dinner.  Actually after these shots were taken, I felt exhausted!

Happy Mother’s Day Nengkoy!!!

Kakaibang talento hatid sa inyo ni Nengkoy sa araw ng mga Maders…


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