Happy Birthday Gabriel Pedro!

Today is a non-working holiday because today is the Holy Feast of Sacrifice of our Muslim brothers.  But according to one of my monster pamangkins (nephew) today is a holiday because it’s his birthday.  This kahanginan and supercilious claim only proves that Gabriel Pedro Langit is an archetypal Langit progeny.

Being bright, sharp and fine-looking teenager, I personally dubbed Gabriel as the future’s kilabot ng mga colegiala (college girls’ infatuation).  The last time I talked at length with Gabriel, I was not surprised to learn that he has become one of the heartthrobs in his high school.  No he was not boasting about it but was merely telling me a factual turn of events. Yet, I actually hate to consider Gabriel to be a heartthrob because heartthrobs are a dime a dozen.

Gabriel has his own unique style and character.  He is the enigmatic spark of the Devine.  So be careful ladies because this young man’s mere smile can turn you swooning over him.

Happy birthday Gabriel… : )

Kuya, paki handa ang pang-piyansa!

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