The Eloquence & Loyalty of Elena Bautista-Horn

While awaiting the Supreme Court’s decision on whether to allow or not to allow the former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to travel to seek treatment on her rare medical condition, I would like to commend Elena Bautista-Horn for doing a very good job.  Bautista-Horn in her interview with Karen Davila exhibited full loyalty towards her boss even though her boss is one of the most-hated human being of this country.  I myself don’t like the former president but with the clear and cloudless explanations of Bautista-Horn in the interview, I am now starting to be persuaded that the former president should be allowed to travel.

Bautista-Horn was impressive in defending her boss in the interview.   She has kept her eloquence and credibility.  Maybe it’s because she’s airing her points based on truth.  Former president definitely found a gold mine in the person of Elena Bautista-Horn.  Her being soft-spoken and debonair way of justifying their courses of action has made Justice Secretary Leila De Lima to look like an abusada (outrageously abusive).

Before watching the video interview, don’t be too emotional to the point of participating in a flash mob phenomenon but instead try to keep an open mind, then you would know what I am pointing at…

I know that this is going to be an unpopular post.  For sure, hating this specific entry will be off the charts! Similar to what I have written in the past – like my personal stand that Hubert Webb should be acquitted –   expect a lot of people would hate me again for posting an article like this. Or maybe it’s because I am just being objective, fair and impartial.

Basta napabilib ako sa talino at paninindigan ng bruhang ‘to.

One thought on “The Eloquence & Loyalty of Elena Bautista-Horn

  • Nope. This post is not unpopular but stupid and idiotic. Elena Bautista-Horn is one of the most corrupt animal in the kingdom of Malacanang. No wonder, she appended horn in her surname.


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