Life Begins at 41

my "thank you" message I posted on facebook

I woke up sneezing and noticed that my nose hairs have grown faster than the previous years.  This gave me the confirmation about what my good friend said that “Life begins at 41”.

Today is my 41st birthday.  People say that age is just a number but in a world where everything is judged in numbers, birthdays in some ways can be disturbing.  For me, one does not encounter a big deal about age until the age 40 comes to an end.

Life begins at 41.  It is the age when one realizes that youth has totally passed and you are being treated with pronounced respect.  People calling you “sir” to signify your stature can be flattering but this also adds to the pressure of behaving your age and definitely slims down social acceptance for immature stupidity.  Yet it is the age when childish fun is no longer juvenile experimentations but actually just for the sake of pure fun.

Life begins at 41.  You may gain weight by simply smelling the food and bodily defects starts to ensue – receding hairline, bulging tummy, blurred vision, grey hair, etc. But it is the stage when being young at heart can be awesome.  You’re not too old yet not so young…

Life begins at 41.  Crow’s feet showing at the edge of your eyes are inevitable.  But don’t get me wrong because for me crow’s feet are not something to cover up – they’re something to celebrate.  Each crease, fold and wrinkle was slowly built throughout the years by countless joyful smiles.

Life begins at 41 and today my life begins…

Kung baga sa bingo… Sa Ennn! Cuarenta y uno…

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