Rational Book for an Illogical Soul

stumbling on happinessFor the past few nights before I sleep and whenever I got the opportunity, I would peruse on several pages of this book trying to digest and understand the witty comments and sharp concepts that it presents. My background in Psychology helped a lot in comprehending this book. Now I have a reference to read when I need to be logical on illogical moments. Stumbling on Happiness written by Daniel Gilbert (a Harvard University professor) is not a directional guide or instructional materials on how to be happy but explains the deepest and complicated concepts of happiness.

The author will not make you stumble into sudden happiness but would rather make you rational about life’s experiences. The sample situations and descriptive illustrations presented were simple (at times funny) yet smart and remarkable. It is worth the hours spent plunging into this book. It provided me insights about simple everyday things and situations. It puts logic to all circumstances.

The book is like a portative psychologist that I can refer to anytime at any place. I know happiness is in our hands. But this intelligent manuscript helped me to be more grounded about my oxymoron existence.

Kaaya-aya ang mga eksplanasyon…

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