My Stupefying Signature for Cory

This morning, Senator Noynoy Aquino finally announced that he is running for President.  While watching the morning news, I remembered the tv broadcast years ago when Cory Aquino announced and accepted the challenge of running for President against the despot ruler Ferdinand Marcos.

Derham Park along Roxas Boulevard in Pasay City (now the site of Cuneta Astrodome) was the place where me and my highschool classmates would spend time together before or after classes.  I can still clearly remember one sunny afternoon in the same park when an old lady in soiled and begrimned blouse and shorts carrying a brown booklet asking me and my classmates to affix our signatures in the spaces provided in the said folio.  I personally asked the old lady what our signatures were for.  She nervously answered that our signature woud be the start of something good for our country’s future.

I was only fifteen years old then.  I still has a shallow understanding on the political and economic affairs of the country but her unfussy and easy-as-pie explanation persuaded me to to sigin in.  Some of my high school classmates refused and merely ignored the lady.  After inscribing my signature, I was told by the nervous lady to keep the matter a secret for it may cause her and her family’s life.  She fled without saying goodbye.

cory-presidentWeeks after this strange event, the news on TV broke announcing that Corazon Aquino was running for President in the snap election called upon by Ferdinand Marcos, the dictator president of the country during that time.  On that same news, the camera was focusing on bundles of booklets that contained more than a million Filipino signatures collected by the Cory Aquino for President Movement (CAPM) which Cory set as one of her conditions before deciding to run for the highest post in the country.  It was the same brown booklet that the old lady has asked me and my classmates to sign.

Oo, kasali ako dun…

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