Days When TV Ads Were Fun…

tv dialAside from playing in the street, watching TV is one major past time of my dear childhood days in Pasay.  TV sets then were without remote control and cable channels were basically non-existent.  If you wish to switch channels, you would have to have the hassle of standing up from the comforts of the sofa to reach for the TV’s dial.

Being the lazy kid that I am. I hated it when I am ordered to stand-up to reach for the dial to switch channels.  There would be times when I and my siblings would point to each other on who’s turn it is to be the “human-remote-control” who would stand-up to  switch the channel so as to view a different TV program.

Maybe due to our inherent laziness and unconsciously would not want to disrupt the social order in Nengkoy’s house, we came up with an ingenious game during commercial gaps.  When we were as tough as a Teletubby, we would race and compete on who is the fastest in identifying the name or brand of product being advertised on TV.  The fastest person who could shout and identify the commercial earns a point.

Through this, we do not only look forwards to the actual TV show, but we also look forward to the commercials being featured in between, thus, preventing us the task of switching channels.  I also now realize that this game prevented our TV set from wear and tear.

The game is even more exciting especially when a new TV commercial is freshly released and being shown during our game.  No matter how awful the commercial is, everybody is stuck on the TV screen eating our fingernails trying to uncover what is the product’s brand being advertised.  The most fun part is that everybody would shout with psychotic loudness the name of the new commercial as soon as the brand is revealed.

Ayan na! Patalastas na!

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