Coco as Ramon: The Villain with a Heart

Tayong Dalawa is one top-rating TV drama series that metastasized in the psyche of Pinoy society.  Even I and the other executives in our office have been bitten by the Tayong Dalawa bug.  We would sometimes oddly discuss on updates about Ingrid, Marlene, Mamita and Lola Gets.

I don’t like the mega complicated story, the plot with cosmic absurdity and the ridiculous line thrown by the characters to each other.  However, the supporting casts’ acting abilities are no doubt a winner.

cocoOne major revelation in this TV show is the actor Coco Martin who played the character of Ramon.  His character is so richly presented.  He is like a true human being whose character presents the virtuous and the evil.  But what is so ironic about the character of Ramon is that even in the midst of his wicked misdemeanors people still adore him.

Coco Martin is one lucky thespian since the range of his character is well presented in the show.  Ramon is a villain with a heart.  It is so paradoxical that viewers still revere Ramon after all the dreadful things he has done in the story.  People cry with him when he is sad and gloomy but gets angry with him when he goes frenzy with his persecutorial vendettas.  Viewers get emotionally disappointed when he does something bad.  Everybody prays that he be good and hopes he could pull-out his soul from infernal cavity.

Or maybe, the mildly famous yet oustanding talent of Coco Martin shines because the greenhorn mainstars in the show (Gerald, Kim and Jake) are so lame in acting.

Bilang bahid ng aking kabaduyan, aking dinedeklarang si Ramon ang lalaking ‘bidang kontra bida’….

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