Malcolm X: An Eid’l Fitr Special

malcolmxMalcolm X is a black Muslim American guy who hated white American folks.  He regarded the white people as evil.  Prior to his international travels, he advocated that the ‘black race is the superior race’ and that ‘history can prove that white man is a devil’.  He even demanded for a racial segregation, in which he proposed that the African American population be exclusively allowed live in the southern part of the US until they could all return to Africa.

But when he got the opportunity to journey to the ancient holy land of Mecca, he noticed that Muslim pilgrims are actually diverse in physical form.  He learned that people of Islam religion can look white, black, yellow, red or brown.  He experienced that Muslims came from various nations participating in the same holy ritual.  They can be with blonde hair and blue eyes, brown skined with flat nose, tall with curly hair , vertically challeged with chinky eyes, etc.

His experience in Mecca basically changed his general perception about people of the world.  This also changed his feelings towards white Americans he previously abhored.  After his pilgrimage to Mecca he disavowed racism in all forms.

Today is Eidl Fitr, I hope and pray that we (may we be of Islam religion or not) would treat each other with respect.  That it is not the color of the skin or type of race or religion that we belong to but what matters is that we live a life in harmony with everyone.  A peaceful Eid’l Fitr to everyone.

Hapi Eid sa lahat…


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