Asians in an Early Lead

Puka_1 The idea of putting together a tribe according to ethnicity is a very interesting concept for the 13th season of Survivor (now in Cook Islands).  I have watched the first two episodes and I am simply lovin’ it!  The show made me feel awestruck since I have more reason now to cheer fiercely most especially for the Asian contenders.

Puka Tribe is the Asian group composed of two Filipino-Americans (Jenny Guzon-Bae and Brad Virata), two Korean-Americans (Becky Lee & Yul Kwon), and one Vietnamese guy (Cao Boi).

Jenny_hs Brad_hs But of course my favorites are Jenny and Brad.  These two American born Pinoys make me feel so proud.  If these two charming Pinoys only lived in the Philippines, I’m sure one of them will end up being the winner of the show while the other is the runner-up.

The first two episodes made me stomp, shout and clapped crazy cheering for the Puka Tribe.  True enough, in the first two challenges for tribe’s immunity Puka Tribe placed first.  It’s an early lead for the Asians kicking the big and smelly asscracks of the Hispanics, African-Americans and Caucasians.

For sure there would be some negative reactions in the US about the show’s racial format.  But no matter what, it’s going to be a big exposure for the Asians since previous seasons of the show would only have African-Americans and Caucasians as contestants.

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