My Friendster Space

I am a juvenile member of Friendster.  I can still recall my nieces Erika, Kim and Trisha constructing my profile last December 2004 at Nengkoy’s crib.  I just modified it after a couple of months.

Myspace It’s disappointing to know that Friendster has been overtaken by MySpace in terms of registered membership.  The last time I checked, MySpace has more than 54 million while Friendster only has 24 million members.

A bundle of people have shifted to MySpace because of its innovation and added media formats.  MySpace provided more freedom to its users that such liberty is being abused by its members.  That is why booty callers and social predators lurks and thrives in this site.  This exploitation in Net Freedom has actually started to become a moral issue in the US.  I’m convinced this network will be in big trouble sooner than it thought.

Friendster What I like about Friendster is its wholesomeness on trying to keep each profile clean.  They can draw the line on what is abusive and what is socially acceptable.

I don’t want to sound so square and conventional because that is totally not me.  But for this vulnerable social networking issue, controls must truly be imposed.  So what if MySpace has more members?  I won’t befriend all of them anyway… Zzzzz

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