I Miss Ally

Ally2 A hugely successful TV program ‘Ally McBeal’ was shown on RPN 9 channel in year 2000. I can still remember rushing out from the office to go home for me to catch the show.

Ally McBeal (played by Calista Flockhart) is a lawyer blessed and cursed with friends and officemates that works in a law firm with unisex comfort room.  She is a woman with overly active imagination, an extreme emotional instability and a seemingly perpetual unmarried life. 

My most memorable episode on this TV show was when her childhood sweetheart (but already married and never got over with), also-a-lawyer-colleague and officemate Billy Thomas died.  He passed away while being with Ally litigating a case inside a courtroom.  I still remember when Ally cried, I cried along with her (commercial break na umiiyak pa rin ako!)

What I love most about the program are its bittersweet endings on each episode.  It’s usually, Ally or the other characters wandering on the street on his or her way home after learning a little piece of wisdom from the failures and disappointments of an adult life.  It confirms and conveys that living a life does not always mean that things or events will happen the way we want it.

I miss the show because I can actually relate easily well with Ally and the other characters.  Not because I’m close to being loony but because of the pursuits a single person is faced with in life.  This fantabulous TV program may have ended a long time ago but one thing is quite sure… on this earth, Ally never stopped searching for her soul.  I miss it, I miss it, I miss it!  It was a damn good show!

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