An earthquake, an angel and my underwear

I have been living alone in an apartment for more than 5 years now.  In my unit, I usually sleep only in my underwear.  One night while I was in this periodic state of rest, I dreamt and felt that a man seem to be waking me up saying, “huy, huy gising!” (hey, hey wake-up!).  I could still remember responding by mumbling “huh, huh” in my still sleepy tone. 

Angel_1 Still groggy from a deep sleep, I was a bit confused how come this man was able to enter my unit in the middle of the night when I always make sure that the door is locked before I snooze.  The feeling was so real that I tried opening my eyes to check who he was.  But when I opened my muzzy faculty of vision, I was totally shocked that there was actually no one there. 

That night a big earthquake hit the metropolis.  The rumbling of the earth happened right after I opened my eyes to check on who was waking me up. The rocking of the whole building prompted me to stand up quickly and head out of the building.

I can still recall that I had trouble going down the stairs since it was dark.  I was not wearing my contact lenses and was not able to pickup my eyeglasses.  Moreover, I forgot to put on some clothing.  Yes, I made it out to the street in my underwear while the earth was rocking!

The building did not crumble.  Nevertheless, this miracle confirms that an angel actually woke me up from my sleep to protect me from an apparent danger. 

Neilangel_1  Now I always sleep with my eyeglasses at my bedside.  However, I have not changed my habit of sleeping in my underwear.  Mas presko kasi!

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