Federer… 2006 king of the grass court

Federer It was only last night that I was able to watch the 2006 Wimbeldon game finals between Sweden’s Roger Federer and Spain’s Rafael “Vamos” Nadal.  It was a big flare!  I am all alone in my unit watching a rerun and yet I was clapping and shouting like crazy in every game point.  The two tennis warriors gave it all. 

Federer2_2 Nadal was in his usual self, being fierce, pulsating and vibrant in every move.  Roger Federer my 3rd most favorite tennis player of all time was just unbeatable (my all time favorite is Ivan Lendl while my second most favorite is Pete “the curly and hairy” Sampras).  Federer was also in his usual self, non-reactive, quiet and calm but stunningly deadly in every shot!  Every time Federer shouts “Come On!!!” I would clap like hell since reactions like this from the 2006 king of the grass court is so rare.

Of course my bet Federer won! Yehey!

2 thoughts on “Federer… 2006 king of the grass court

  1. Sir thats what you call tyamba, bueno in my opinion federer is more superior in that game but still Nadal is the worst nightmare for him, he never beat Nadal on clay considering that he is only 19 yrs. old ( Rafa ) for sure by next wimbeldon it will be a grand revelation cheers Sir and more power.


  2. i know that yancy. rafa was really good during the 2006 french open and he won it over federer. i must admit, right now, he’s the king of the clay court. thanks for your comment! 😉


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