Ding ang bato!

Kamikazee Kamikazee, a new pop-rock band in the Philippines recently had a hit which until now is enjoying airplay.  The song is the 4th cut in their ‘Maharot’ CD album.  This musical composition is about an average joe falling in love with a very popular Pinoy superhero Darna.  The song is entitled ‘Narda’, the adolescent country lass when she is not in her Darna personification.  Narda is like Clark Kent in Superman.

This single caught on like wild fire.  Everybody is singing it.  Kids when this piece of music is being played enjoyed belting along.  There was even one episode in ‘Going Bulilit’ (a popular kiddy show in the Philippines) when the young tikes were singing the song in ala music video mode.

The song could have been great it’s just that there seem to be a mistake!  Such mistake is actually disturbing… it contains direct incestuous emphasis.

Ang swerte nga naman ni Ding, lagi ka nyang kapiling

Kung ako sa kanya niligawan na kita

Darna These dim-witted lyrics can’t be! Ding is actually the younger brother of Narda/Darna who usually keeps Darna’s "bato" (the enchanted stone that transforms Narda to Darna when swallowed).

It makes me wonder how come radical first-rate moralists in the Philippines did not in any way react on this heedless song composition.  Maybe they overlooked it or maybe they realized Kamikazee is such a crummy band to whack or maybe they enjoyed the song’s tempo and did not mind Ding shagging his sister.

Can you imagine in case Ding and Narda developed this perverted relationship?  I wonder what Ding would handover Narda next time she calls "Ding ang bato!"

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