Yippee! People fancy me as their ENEMY!

Yippee Aside from opting for the most excellent and superlative persons as friends (like the ones I have here in Friendster), I have been very careful in choosing my enemy.

It has been considered that an enemy is one of the instruments of an individual’s destiny.  The mere presence of an enemy can actually manipulate, oppress or influence a person’s emotion.  Enemies can control places that you want to go to; they can restrain noteworthy time that you want to spend; or, they can confine how you would like things to be done.

Winner To deem a person as your opponent, a rival or an adversary is to confess that that soul is your equal.  That is why always pick on the winners.  Combating on losers is not only foolish it is also an unappealing refection of one’s self.

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