Five People That I Pray For…

Prayer is one of the best free gifts we receive.  Praying may be a profound ritual, a grand ceremony or a simple wish.  It is totally without a cost but has lots of rewards. It is a communication that brings us closer to the Higher Being.  It can be an effective escape and a way to solving pressing problems. It is also a mode to thank, praise and show gratitude to God on issues we thought would never be disentangled.

Sign I admit that I am not a prayerful person.  But when I pray, I do it with sincerest heart and intention.  The five people that I never miss praying for are:

First, I pray for my parents and relatives.  These are the sets of people that can never be chosen.  These precious people are sent from heaven via fate.  These are the folks that molded me and built my life’s foundation.  They are the rays of sunshine for what could have been a dark and dreary life.

Second, I pray for my friends.  This is the set of individuals that I have chosen.  God, with his grace empowered me this time to choose them.  They enabled me to create further my social nature.  I consider them the breezes in my life.

Third, I pray for my co-workers, officemates and employers.  They may be or not be friends or relatives but a big chunk of my life’s time is spent with them.  They keep me sane, worthy and economically sound.

Fourth, I pray for my loved one.  This person may have already passed through my lifetime or may have yet to arrive.  I always pray that this person’s heart and intentions be pure at all times.  This individual makes life more colorful and exciting.

Pray_1 Lastly, I pray for myself.  It’s either asking or thanking for a little peace of mind.  I could never pray for the sets of people I have mentioned if my being will never be guided and rewarded.

Pray! It’s free.

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