World Cup 2006 Philippine Team!

President Gloria Arroyo prior to going to the Philippines from Spain decided to cross Germany to watch the world’s greatest sports game – soccer.  While watching the quarter finals between Germany and Argentina she luckily seated beside the president of FIFA.  With her persuading words and charm she was able to convince the FIFA president to include the Philippines to participate in the world cup even if it has been running half-way through.

Players_4 After the game and on her way back to the Philippines, Gloria made an immediate shortlist of players who would play at the World Cup.  Beside the list of players’ names she also wrote her justifications so that in case her god-son Cheez Escudero and the opposition would question her about the selection, she would have enough reasons why these people were chosen.  The lucky players are:

  1. Frankie (the scary yet gentle giant of Pinoy Big Brother) – he will be the goalkeeper.  With his long limbs, surely all soccer balls can be easily blockaded.  Moreover, with his scary looks, opponents will surely not go near him.
  2. Manny Pacquiao and Robin Padilla – soccer is known to have very poignant spectators and players.  Due to these running wild emotions, it has been a usual scenario that brawls happen.  To protect Pinoy players from this circumstance, Manny and Robin will be the best Philippine represetatives in case this brute situation arise.
  3. Zanjoe Marudo and Sam Milby – a handful of soccer players are gorgeous and good-looking.  To create the illusion that Filipinos also possess this striking physical qualities, Zanjoe and Sam are the finest pick.
  4. Madam Auring – aside from creating a mark for the Philippines to line-up the first female soccer player in the World Cup, Madam Auring can predict who among the opponent players will score.  This will truly help Frankie who to traumatize with his looks during the game.
  5. Willie Revillame – the Philippine team would not just want it as as sports game but also a money making venture.  Due to the inability to finalize the national budget to finance the team, Willie can actually solicit money from the hoards of spectators while singing the Wowowee theme song.  Wow, the collection is in Euro!
  6. The Tulfo Brothers (Mon, Ben and Erwin) – soccer entails the players to do a lot of kicking.  These three brothers have been doing a lot of that.  Kicking the assess of suspected criminals and bad elements in the society.
  7. Rustom Padilla and Richard Gutierrez – aside from the Tulfo brothers, these two guys can actually help in scoring.  Richard will just need to spread his wings ‘Mulawin’ style.  There has been fresh news that Rustom accepted the role for Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah, the Pinoy gay superhero.  In this case these two guys can just fly within the arena while keeping the ball on air and never let the opponents touch it!

Worldcuplogo_1 Gloria finished her list, reviewed it and felt satisfied.  Back to the Philippines and on her way down the airport tarmac, you can here her mumble a song, ‘Here we go! Ole Ole Ole…"

2 thoughts on “World Cup 2006 Philippine Team!

  1. i thought u were admiring GMA when i read the first few lines! hahaha

    By the way, good choice of players. Phil will definitely at the top rank on the next FIFA Worldcup! Ole Ole Ole!


  2. Sir this plantilla of players can bring us to our flying colors, of course you can add up German Moreno and Joe da Mango when the need arises.

    May The force be with you always.


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