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Cutest Kid In The Solar System

I can no longer count the number of times I clicked the symbol in Instagram account of mikeybot.  It is because this account features the cutest kid in the solar system!  And every time my mobile phone is notified about a new YouTube video on HiHo Kids channel, I would get so excited hoping Ernie would be part of the new feature.


From among the cute HiHo Kids channels, here’s my personal favorite video of Ernie.  It’s unadulterated-ly cute, funny and heart-melting…

Watching the infectious smile, the wondrous cackle, the playful tease and even the frivolous nose picking of Ernie makes me miss the feelings on what it is to be a simple happy kid.  I guess I will never get tired clicking the  symbol in mikeybot’s Instagram page.

Aym hukd wid #superernie!


Prince of Cuteness

I recently discovered via internet a kid that is a bundle of charm and adorableness. His name is Ernie.

prince of cuteness
prince of cuteness

I was captivated by Ernie on the first time I saw him in the internet.  The first video I saw Ernie at was in a YouTube video in which he and a bunch of cute American kids were tasked by a number of adults filming them to try Filipino food. Ernie in that video stole my heart!  He was the only kid who had the full courage to eat Balut and appreciated tasting it.  And when he tried the Taho, it made me conclude that he is the most endearing human being in the internet!

cuteness overload!
cuteness overload!

Ernie for me is the Prince of Cuteness.  This 3-year old kid is pure sweetness and lovability.   I guess his not even aware that he is starting to become so popular because a lot has started following his dad’s Instagram in which the majority of what it features are photos and short clips of cute Ernie.

Ernie’s photos and video clips presents the sparkles and freshness of being a kid.  It features the naivety, the innocence and unassuming-ness of an early life which every one of us, I guess, badly misses and would love to relive or to reminisce.

I don’t know, but I think Ernie’s photos and video clips touches hearts.  And one of which is mine.  You can follow the sweet smiles, the adorable laughter, and the guilelessness of the Prince of Cuteness at https://www.instagram.com/mikeybot/

Ke kyut kyut ng batang ire!

Brewing Excitement on the Next 2015 Adventure

One of the philosophies that I have long been observing is to maximize my existence and celebrate the gift of life no matter how simple life’s circumstances are.  I call it my “glorious ordinary”.

But this maximization and celebration of a simple life should not in any way impede on achieving my big dreams and ambitious aspirations.  No way would I “kick the bucket” and stop realizing my dreams or cease the fulfillment of my bucket list.

In the next couple of weeks, my “glorious ordinary” would have to temporarily be placed on halt because something big is about to happen to my life.  My next adventure would definitely be a fulfillment of one item in my very long and very ambitious bucket list… .

I am actually now excited and is already looking forward to my next adventure… Expect lots of posts about this journey.  For the meantime, here’s an Instagram post to announce where my next big adventure is going to be.

Looking forward to my next adventure #travel #flipagram

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Sa Cubao lang ang peg…

A Day Trip To My Tho in Mekong Delta

Aside from the lip-smacking yet mellow food of Ho Chi Minh, another highlight that I consider in my recent trip to Vietnam was the exploration me and my colleagues did at My Tho, Tien Giang Province located in the Mekong Delta.

The site is not the typical destination a tourist would expect.  The body of water is not pristine.  It definitely is not for snorkeling. White sand beach is non-existent.  The grounds and terrain are not well manicured.  And there is no amber-sun-setting-photo-opportunity to grab. It is not your typical tropical paradise.

Mekong, Vietnam

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For me Melkong Delta being a tourist destination is a totally different animal.  Their comprehensive river channels boasts of its boats which ranges from elegant sampans to unpainted and crude lumbering cargo boats.  The surprisingly odorless dark waters of the canals seem to have lots of  intriguing tales to tell.  The captivating bodies of water makes this place interestingly remarkable.

The activities on land, on river banks and along the river channels are busy yet I felt relaxed, languid and unhurried.  I particularly like the dense palms and mangroves ruling the comprehensive swamps and channels.

We tasted honey from bee hives, were served with various tropical fruits, listened to Vietnamese folksongs, went on tiny sampans to be rowed through swamps and canals, ate coconut sweets and had lunch in which the main dish is the massive fish appropriately called “elephant ear”.

strong woman of vietnam
strong woman of vietnam
coconut candy maker... an exotic delight...
coconut candy maker… an exotic delight…
blue sampans perfectly compliments the color of brown water
blue sampans perfectly compliments the green palms and brown water

My overall trip to My Tho in Mekong Delta was fun, easy and leisurely yet indeed remarkable…

Relaks lang ang peg…