Brewing Excitement on the Next 2015 Adventure

One of the philosophies that I have long been observing is to maximize my existence and celebrate the gift of life no matter how simple life’s circumstances are.  I call it my “glorious ordinary”.

But this maximization and celebration of a simple life should not in any way impede on achieving my big dreams and ambitious aspirations.  No way would I “kick the bucket” and stop realizing my dreams or cease the fulfillment of my bucket list.

In the next couple of weeks, my “glorious ordinary” would have to temporarily be placed on halt because something big is about to happen to my life.  My next adventure would definitely be a fulfillment of one item in my very long and very ambitious bucket list… .

I am actually now excited and is already looking forward to my next adventure… Expect lots of posts about this journey.  For the meantime, here’s an Instagram post to announce where my next big adventure is going to be.

Sa Cubao lang ang peg…

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