Took 2 Days to Cross the Brooklyn Bridge

I wonder if all people who crossed the iconic Brooklyn Bridge timed on how long it took them to do it.  Did they took them only a couple of minutes because they were riding a bicycle or was too anxious and scared about the old bridge’s integrity and wooden floor planks  above the roaring traffic below that they walked and crossed it too fast? Or did it took them an hour or more because they want to relish and savor the moment and took so much photos of the star structure that connects Brooklyn and Manhattan?

My crossing the bridge actually took me two days!  It is so weird because I was never lost and went adrift when I was in more complicated routes around the world like the El-fna medina in Marrakesh, the Old City of Jerusalem and even going around the Uchisar settlements in Cappadocia.  But identifying where the entrance and starting point of the Brooklyn Bridge promenade strangely became a frustrating challenge and struggle. 

It is so exasperating because I basically went around the whole Brooklyn downtown area the whole morning from Brooklyn Heights Promenade in the south to walking the whole stretch of Furman Street in the east to reaching Dumbo area in the north and walking again the whole stretch of Jay Street in the west.  Yet, still the starting point of the promenade seem to conceal itself or veiled its appearance for me not to uncover.  It felt like I walked all throughout the whole Brooklyn yet the promenade entrance was no where to be found.  I actually started wondering if the entrance has already transferred to faraway Queens! And by late lunch time, feeling so hungry, so tired and frustrated, I saw York Street Subway station and decided to go down it and head back to my hotel located at the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  It was in other words a failed attempt.

But on the second day of my bid, I carried with me an enough amount of fortitude and determination and left behind in my hotel tons of stupidity which I seem to have brought so much during my first and initial attempt.  And to quote the great Margaret Thatcher, “You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it”, I spotted with so much ease the entry point of the Brooklyn Bridge promenade on my second venture!

And since it took me more than the usual to step into and walk across the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, I spent the whole morning there doing nothing but taking photos of the bridge, the people and the nearby sites while savoring the little success and victory that I just had!  And because of such an experience, Brooklyn Bridge for me is more beautiful as compared to how others would see and perceive it.

Iniiwan talaga dapat ang ka-shungahan sa bahay!

Swim Naked

When you got old, when you got poor.  When you got sick, when you got hungry.  When you got lost, when you got heartbroken.  These are the low moments in our lives when we would know the true people who cares for us. 

Like what Warren Buffet said, “It is only when the tide goes out that you discover who’s been swimming naked”

Lumangoy ng naka-bomba!

A Fine Story Behind A Fine Sign Pen

Are you like me in which the attractiveness of my own signature is dependent on the quality and refinement of the pen I use?  I asked this because I am impressed and enjoy using my present sign pen.  Unfortunately, my present pen (pictured below) does not seem to have a label.

And it seems that I can no longer obtain the same pen in case the present one runs out of its ink.  Reason being, I got this pen from a boy who sells various ball-points, markers and pen on a moving bus.  If in New York subways there are young students who sells chocolates and snacks inside a moving train, here in the Philippines, there is a young boy who sells cheap sign pens and ballpens inside a moving bus.

On a public commute to the City of Manila from a weekend adventure in Villa Escudero in Quezon Province, a shy-looking young boy hopped up our bus and started distributing a note to all the passengers. The message indicated on the note states that the young lad is selling cheap ballpens and that the proceeds of his earnings shall be used for his schooling expenses.

I opted to buy one priced at twenty pesos (less than 40 cents in US$) and got to pick the green colored pen then return the note he handed earlier.  My colleague MJ, on the other hand, actually handed 50 pesos (US$1) to the young dude after reading the note and opted not to get any pen.  She however did not return the note the boy distributed and instead kept it inside her bag.  She told me that she is to show the note to her daughter and tell her daughter about our encounter with this pleasant-looking young boy.

And every time I use this sign pen I am reminded that it was the most meaningful 20-peso spending I did that day.

Ka-aya-aya ang piling!


Facebook has recently put words into my mouth.  And this is what according to Facebook is my personal quote:


I would like to believe that these powerful words and intelligent thought really came from me. Thanks heaps Facebook for such an amazing job! Hahaha!

Bur seriously, if I’m to relay a personal quote on Facebook or in any other social media format, it would be…

Neil's Quote

‘Di nga? Mamatey?


Steve Jobs & My Now Fave Shoes

I believe Steve Jobs when he said:

You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them backwards.  So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.  You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.

A ridiculous illustration of this is about a pair of shoes I purchased myself more than 10 years ago.  It’s a slip-on high-cut black leather shoes with velcro straps.

More than a decade ago, I purchased it but never have worn it because it looks hideous, too loud and too edgy in those years’ of Filipino fashion standards.  It would be horrible to wear during those times especially if you are to match it up with a pleated dress pants or baggy jeans and trousers.

If I may recall, the only reason why I bought it is to help a friend who is selling various types of imported shoes.  She would sell her merchandize by presenting a booklet/catalog of shoes where buyers can select from.  Ones you selected, you can place your order to her and she would deliver it to you personally.  This was of course before the hype of on-line shopping.

You may wonder why I didn’t just gave or donate the shoes away to somebody else.  Actually, I was too embarrassed to give it to anyone.  Aside from embarrassment, I’m afraid that the recipient would throw it back to me since he himself would not anyway be able to wear it.

my favorite shoes this nippy season...

my favorite shoes this nippy season…

question: is this considered a "selfie"?

question: is this considered a “selfie”?

But lo and behold!!!  When I tried channeling the inner fashionista in me and did dare wore it a couple of weeks ago, the very same pair are now my favorite shoes this nippy season.  The very same shoes have been earning a lot of praises from friends, relatives and co-workers.  There even had been a couple of strangers who come to me who could not resist of asking where I purchased my pair.

Yeah, though my phone is an Android phone.  In fairness, I do believe Steve Jobs about connecting those life’s personal dots backwards…

Pasosyal din pag may time…