Adele + Boy George = Sam Smith

my new favorite male singer artist

my new favorite male singer artist

One of my best references to know and be updated about emerging hit songs is my dear nephew Luis.  When I wanna be updated, I would simply ask him what’s his latest music downloads.  He of course would be all but willing to play these songs in his phone.  I then would got to select which ones would I like and ask him to send it to my phone via the ever reliable bluetooth.

Several weeks ago, Luis introduced me to the music of Sam Smith.  After that moment, I was totally hooked on the beautiful music of this British singer.  When Luis first played Sam Smith’s song on his phone, I asked him if the guy was a black artist.  It is because he sounded like a soulful black singer!

When I first saw his video on Youtube, I believed that Sam Smith – with his enormous talent and rising popularity – is an Adele in the body of Boy George.  That Sam Smith would most likely be the offspring in case Adele and Boy George would have a baby.

Kidding aside, since then I got so curious with the body of his works.  I was so impressed by his unique voice, his exceptional vocal range and the stirring lyrics of his songs.  I now got a separate playlist of Sam Smith’s music in my phone.  Songs taken from his debut and sophomore albums.

Here is Sam Smith, my favorite male singer this year!

Ibang bumirit! Simpleng Husay!

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