Undercover Boss Makes My Heart Melt

undercover bossIt’s the reality show that doesn’t have a loser because no one gets eliminated.  It’s a reality show that is not a contest but everybody in the end turns out to become a winner.  It’s a reality show in which auditioning is not needed.  And lastly, it is the reality show in which the setting is not in a controlled environment.  I am talking about the Undercover Boss shown here in the Philippines under Solar News Channel.

Undercover Boss talks and tackles what real life really is.  As in the real life!  It’s as genuine as it can be about family, work, hobbies, dreams, personal struggles, frustrations and aspirations.    Aside from the boss being subjected to actual physical labor, what I like most about this show is how people’s passion and drive to succeed are presented, may you be a boss or a simple employee.  I see Undercover Boss not a show about job or work but more about human relations.  It is about social and interpersonal relations between human beings.

jeff platt, ceo of sky zone... he last episode I have so far seen...

jeff platt, ceo of sky zone (a goodhearted prince of generosity)… the last episode that i have seen and made me copiously weep

Each episode is a true heart melt-er! Especially during the ‘boss reveal’ portion of the show.  These bosses would shower their deserving staff with gifts, opportunities and brighter future.   Niagara Falls would always gush out of my eyes and there would always be a lump in my throat at the end each episode because of the moving and exceeding generosity of those featured bosses.  These business owners or corporate executives just turn out to be real life angels sent by some heavenly gods!

Call it a great marketing device, but because of these moving kindness, every time I finished watching an episode I would always want to try out the product or service of the company that was featured.  Too bad (or call it fortunately) these companies does not run business here in Manila.

Masarap maging mabait. Pramis.

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