Nengkoy & Me in a Photo (A Mother’s Day Feature)

Facebook account holders who have fantastic relationship with their respective mothers have been changing their profile picture to photos of their mother or with their mother.  They vow to keep it there till the last hour of May 8 (Mothers Day).   But let me deviate a little from this delightful bandwagon.  Instead of changing my gorgeous looking profile picture, let me post a photo of me and Nengkoy in this blog.  This photo will not only remain until the last hour of May 8 but until this blogging comes to an apocalyptic end.

Every photo has a tale.  A good photo could even rouse multiple narratives out from the depicted visual content or subject matter. In this manner, I would like to put a title to the photograph I posted that would best describe this shot.  But lots of thoughts come into my ridiculous mind.

Some of the titles that cropped out of my wits were as follows:

The Beautiful Main Course and the Naughty Dessert

Si Aling Lupe at si Gary” (from telenovela Mara Clara)

Ang Bida at Ang Kontra Bida

Madonna and Child-ish

Nengkoy with her Yummy Kid

Ang Mahjongera at ang Taong Grasa

The Impossibly Stunning & The Pornographically Sexy

Hapi Maders Dey Nanay! Kises, kises, kises… Pengeng pera!

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