Regular schooling will re-open and start in less than a month.  In the 80’s it is the time of the year when me and my siblings are busy collating all unused pages of our previous school year’s notebooks and stitch it together to create a new but recycled cuadernos (notebooks).  Thanks to my Lola Teray who provided us with colorful strings which we used in binding.  This yearly recycling practice enables Nengkoy to purchase only few additional notebooks which we would use for the fresh school year.

During those days, what was so chic to have as cuadernos were those with covers of popular Pinoy celebrities – Maricel Soriano with William Martinez; Sharon Cuneta with Gabby Concepcion; Snooky Serna with Albert Martinez; and (of course the ever popular) Leni Santos and PJ Abellana!  I was one of those deprived with these modish cuadernos because Nengkoy always settle for the cheap notebooks with low-grade paper quality.

True enough, I never really envied those kids and classmates who had those notebooks with celebrities in the cover.  If I would be given a chance again to relive my life’s schooldays I would still stick on choosing those recycled left-over papers bunched together and transform it into useful storage of written knowledge and information. It’s personalized; its earth friendly, and, it’s a product of precious family bonding.

my present journal

Now that I am bigger, I no longer call cuadernos as notebooks but instead dub it as journals.  Para sosyal! And now that I am older and have an extra money to spend, I would gladly and instantaneously purchase a journal whose fine print cover would be the photos of two of the greatest antagonist legends in Philippine cinema – Paquito Diaz and Bella Flores.

Cuaderno sa Ispanish, nowtbuk sa Ingles, eh ano sa Tagalog?

(Sagot: Aklat ng Nota)

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