Kelly Clarkson: The Manila Leg Concert

Ironically my May 1 Labor Day is nothing laborious.  I lay all day on my bed but when late afternoon comes, I fetched my “darkest” nephew Luis to watch with me Kelly Clarkson’s All I Ever Wanted Concert Tour (the Manila leg).

Ironically also, I am not a big fan of Kelly Clarkson but I possess three (3) of her magnificent albums.  I was able to unintentionally amass all these albums simply because I am so impressed by the rock beat and soulful songs she has written.

Thanks to an officemate who got me a twelve thousand pesos worth of complimentary tickets for the said concert.  I admit and concede that I enjoyed and was totally entertained at the said musical event.  Owning the 3 albums made me aware of almost all the songs played during the concert making me sang along with Kelly.  But there were moments in which I just sat down, shut up and let the sound slice up the air and wash me.

Kelly Clarkson may not be the greatest pop rock artist in the world but her songs are majestic primal howls of anguish and isolation yet centers on appealing melodies with hooks that dugs into a listeners brain.  During the concert she even admitted that her songs are not happy.  I knew that after listening for numerous times to her albums in the past.  He songs are about pain, confusion, defiance and loss.  Even then, listening to her will leave you feeling cleansed and strangely… happy!

Her slow pop-rock hits were simply awesome it made the whole Araneta sing along with her — Because of You, Breakaway and Behind These Hazel Eyes.

Of course, I did not gave up my chance of enjoying to wave my hands, stomp my feet, dance on my seat and sing with her and the awesome audience when the fast-beat top hits by Kelly were performed — Since U Been Gone; All I Ever Wanted; I Want You; Walk Away; Never Again; If I Can’t Have You; Gone; and, Walk Away (my personal favorite).  The last song (My Life Would Suck Without You) just blew it because it failed to keep my heavy butt on my seat.  It made me stood up and dance to the beat!

Ayun umuwi akong masakit ang palad at medyo namamalat!

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