Fame Flores: A Rare Filipino Talent

Fame Flores, a semi-finalist in the TV contest Pilipinas Got Talent (a Filipino franchise-version of Britain’s Got Talent owned by Simon Cowell) possess the most tasteful, sophisticated and world-class talent among all the contestants.  Her singing was beyond Pinoy.  It can cross the boundaries of cultures around the world.  It’s the type that cultured souls would love to listen to.

She could be compared to world-class talents like Italy’s Andrea Bocelli; England’s Sarah Brightman; Charlotte Church of United Kingdom; or, New Zealand’s Hayley Westerna (my personal favorite among these lot whom I own 2 of her CDs).

The title of the show “Pilipinas Got Talent” is a misnomer.  It should have been called “Pilipinas Got Mercy” because the judges seem to base their decision/selection not from remarkable talent but from either: corporeal, financial or emotional state-of-affairs of the contestants.  Flores should have joined the British version.  For sure she could have undoubtedly advanced to the finals.

Unfortunately, the dubious lady judges are cheap and unsophisticated that is why they let such a rare talent go astray.  If Fame Flores reached the finals, her talent could have further widened the diverse spectrum of popular Filipino art and music. The Philippines do not have mainstream pop-classical genre.  Flores could have started it!

Paki-treyn nga ang mga diyadyes!

1 thought on “Fame Flores: A Rare Filipino Talent

  1. Couldn’t agree more on the post. I honesty think we should replace the current judges save FMG. The other two judges seem to can’t make decent remarks and verdicts on the talents. I was pretty sure it was fame going in, but was a bit shocked when they picked the other guy…yes, I don’t remember his name because his talent was very common and no need to remember a guy who’d definitely be a fodder in the finals.

    I though PGT was about showcasing new and unique talents. So I really don’t get why they’d pick a very common talent. Its totally nuts.


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