Thanks Gibo, Congrats Noynoy

The majority has decided and losing sucks! Gibo just conceded defeat against his cousin-rival Noynoy.  The thought of having Noynoy Aquino being my new president starting in a couple of weeks until the next 6 years of my life has yet to sink in.  It’s the same feeling when Erap won the presidential election in 1998.  I hope to get over this crazy feeling soon!

I would like to thank and personally commend Mr. Gilbert Teodoro for an excellent and different approach on campaigning.  It’s nothing but positive politics, with which the Pinoy population unfortunately is not used to.  Great job Mr. Teodoro!

 I just hope that with Noynoy’s presidency I will stop living the life of a 3rd class citizen of this planet.   I also hope that Noynoy will not disappoint the Pinoy populace and be brilliantly productive (this time) for the speedy development of country.  For sure I will cooperate and will definitely hope for the best!

Bawal ang tamad sa Malacañang!

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