High School Reunion Contemplations

Prior to making it to high school, batch 1987 grew up watching humongous robots that battled an assortment of imperialist aliens on tv: Voltes V, Mazinger Z, Mekanda Robot and Daimos.

23 years later, the real world has totally taken over us: bigger tummy, receding hairline, grey hairs, sagging skin, thicker wallets, richer wisdom, more affluent experiences, broader tolerance and cooler persona.  These are some of the thoughts and reflections that got into me after attending my high school reunion last Saturday night.

Early in the afternoon while I prepare myself for the reunion party, soft little high school memories start to creep in… those simple lives we were living; those shallow springs of contentment; those uncomplicated troubles; and, those inimitable “kulitan”.

A lot of people abhor attending class reunions, but my high school batch of 1987 was totally different.  We graciously accepted the laws of gravity and realized that time has caught up with all of us.  We recognized that changes are an inevitable fact of life.  We embarked from high school 23 years ago to build our lives yet we acknowledge the fact that high school shaped us into the unique individuals that we are today.

We were but ourselves during the awesome get-together and we celebrated life’s changes.  Everybody was simply relaxed and had a wonderful time.  I really had a fantastic night.  Bottom line, the party felt like home…

Mor pawer klasmeyts…

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