Nengkoy in Macau

I just had a wonderful journey.  With me in this trip were some members of my nuclear family:  Nengkoy, Ate Gaying, younger sister Joie, nephew Luis and iPod Touch.  Together, we embarked on a journey which saw us scale the wondrous sites, tastes and sounds of Macau – Senado Square, Ruins of St Paul, Leal Senado Building, Fortaleza Do Monte, Sacred Art Museum, Macau Museum, Wine Museum, Grand Prix Museum, Wynn Hotel, Lisboa Hotel, Venetian Hotel, Ponte 16, City of Dreams, A-Ma Temple, Lotus Square, Fisherman’s Wharf.

Nengkoy impressed me when we were in Macau, China.  She will be turning 73 next month but the rigorous physical demands of touring Macau – walking distant streets, alley ways, spacious museums and hotel lobbies of megamall proportions; climbing and descending demanding stairs; climbing and alighting public buses; talking to non-English speaking merchants; standing on long queues; haggling for lower prices for knickknacks; and, laughing over my nonsense remarks and stupid jokes. 

My sister Joie actually brought a portable folding stool which Nengkoy can use if she is too exhausted.  But surprisingly, Nengkoy never acted like a prima donna to request the usage of the said chair and never demanded to rest for a couple of minutes throughout the days of our Macau journey.  She was never the arthritic grandmother though her body is not as sprightly as once was!  I was actually the one who keeps on complaining about how hurt my calf muscles were. 

Yun nga lang di nakapag-duster si Nanay.  Malamig kasi…

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