Gym & Laundry: Positive Linear Correlation

My running shoes are one of the most unused items in my crib for the past two and a half months.  Though I am still in the “I-hate-the-gym” phase and my delicious body is getting bulky and a lot more corpulent I am still looking for reasons why I don’t need to go to the pit of the sweatshop.  I want these reasons to be statistically sound that is why I refreshed my knowledge on Inferential Statistics so as help me decide if I will return to the house of muscle and steel – the gym.

 Pearson Product-Moment Correlation Coefficient (otherwise known as Pearson’s r) is one tedious and labyrinthine topic in my Inferential Statistics subject during my college days.  It is a measure of the correlation between two variables X and Y, resulting to a value between +1 and -1.

 Since I am crazy, I utilized the Pearson’s r formula in which my X and Y variables were carefully selected:

                 X variable = the weight of my laundry per month

                Y variable = the number of days I spent in the gym per month

 After a brain draining analysis and computation, I found out that the weight of my laundry is directly proportional and has a positive linear correlation to number of days I spend in the gym.

 Conclusion:  Doing laundry is one of the chores I like.  It helps me to check out the present condition of my wardrobe (even if it is wet) and helps me decide on which items needs retiring.  Therefore I need to go back to the gym.

 Panahon nanaman ng pawis at hingal…

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