Texting on Valentines

Time check, it’s exactly 7:58 in the evening here in Manila a few hours from now those loveless single people can breathe easily and comfortably. 

Every special day like Valentines, a lot of businesses flourish.   All sorts of gimickry have been made on how to celebrate special days like Valentines.  Some would go mushy, sappy and cheesy, others go quirky, frizzy and kinky and some would even go outdoor-sy or gory! (lol).  I just wonder if telecommunications companies (in the business of text messaging) are also at its peak during Valentines as compared to Christmas and New Year’s Day since not all seem to celebrate the red heart’s day.

Let me be blunt and sarcastic but for me sending a Valentine text greeting to a single loveless person would be like serving a Muslim with pork meat on his or her table.  Nevertheless, these sent text messages can actually be a gauge and basis if the texter is a sensitive friend or an unsophisticated moron.  For me sending a Valentines text message to a single loveless person is one of the most sarcastic remarks a person can do.

Therefore, let me only greet those lovebirds a great Valentines night!  Just a note of caution, bear in mind what philosopher Plato said, “Love is a grave mental disease”.  Similarly, take heed from what Melissa (the Pinoy Big Brother latest edition Big Winner)  says when asked, “What is love?”  She answered, “Love is like a bubble gum, kapag dumikit nakaka-buang.”    

What are my plans for the rest of the evening?!  Well, it’s my own business anyways so, shoo!

O sha! Maglalaba na ko.

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