Pura… Pura Kikinang

I just enjoyed watching one of Joey Gosiengfiao’s classic camp flick that starred Alma Moreno.  It is the late ’80s movie entitled Secrets of Pura.  To adore this exquisite film, the viewer should not in anyway take the story seriously but rather relish and fancy the entertaining lines and words being uttered by the characters.  I have always been smitten by Filipino camp movies for they are usually made up of characters who sees the world as an aesthetic phenomenon and can transform the menacingly significant into something frivolous.

The three sceens  in the movie that I consider to be of avant-garde quality when in comes to campiness were:

  1. Young Alma Moreno making love with her boyfriend/leading man sa ilalim ng puno ng gabi  (under a taro plant) and while fornicating she learned that her mother just died.
  2. Prostitute Alma Moreno when asked by a handsome son of a wealthy businessman about her relationship dealings with her male clients, Alma responded, “Basta makate, kakamutin ko.” (As long as it itches, I will scratch it)
  3. Successful Alma Moreno when asked by the protagonist wife of her rich businessman benefactor what was her name, she lifted her chin and proudly declares, “Pura… Pura Kikinang.”

Galing galing… Yeba!

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