Justice for Kian

kian delos santos
kian delos santos

This is the face of the 17-year old boy whose last text message to his mother is a request for a bicycle who ironically according to the Justice Secretary possess Php 16,000 worth of shabu in his pocket on the time of his death.

This is the face of the 17-year old boy who was right-handed yet his body was found holding a gun in his left hand.

This is the face of the 17-year old boy whose dream is to become a policeman man someday yet it is the police who ended not only his dream but his young dear life.

This is the face of the 17-year old boy who represents the present type of sadistic justice system and brutal killings now rampant in my country.

This is the face of the 17-year old boy who according to the police retaliated but whose autopsy report says that the fatal gunshots were shot from behind his ear.

no child deserves this (sad)

I am obviously outraged!  And it is unfortunate that killings like this will continue until a new Philippine leader will be put in place.  I just hope that something sane, and logical, and sensible and compassionate and judicious will come out from this tragic and terrible event.  The shape, position and situation of Kian Delos Santos is the state of the Philippines today.

Hustisyang mailap para kay Kian!

The Saddest Eyes of Eli Lieb

the heart-pricking stare of eli lieb
the heart-pricking stare of eli lieb

This is the very heartbreak ballad that I don’t want to sing ever!  But since the exhibited emotions of the singer (Eli Lieb that is) is so raw, this video then deserves to be in my blog.

Those eyes are the saddest.  You can actually see and feel that this guy is going through with something.  Try to notice his subtle sigh at the end of the video.  It happened in a split a second yet you can actually feel the intensity of sadness and sorrow when he blew air out from his mouth.  Such a glum and doleful moment.

I have seen a number of videos of Eli Lieb in the past but I haven’t seen how sad his eyes looks like like the way this beautiful video did.  If indeed his going through with something, I hope him well…

Halatang may pinagdadaanan si kuya.