Moved by the Moves of J.T. and Robert

Being emotionally moved and warmheartedly touched is a handsome feeling.  It is one way for people to realize how beautiful it is to live.

There has been uncountable number of times that I have been moved by a song, stirred by a movie, melted by a speech, enthused by a book or touched by a video clip.  But never can I remember that I have been so emotive about a dance routine.

This is until I saw J.T. (the cutest dancer ever) and the equally cute Robert strutted their jazzy moves in So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation.  These couple are the most graceful male dancers I have ever seen on TV and on Youtube.  The emotions that both exudes are so uncommon.  Their movements seem to possess poetic words that would directly hit your intense passion and deep sensation.

J.T. Church in particular was such a joy to watch!  He’s seems like a genius poet on the dance floor.  This little young man can rock the wits out of every viewer with his dance moves!  I’m a fan!

jt church and robert roldan... (photo captured from the former's instagram post)

jt church and robert roldan… (photo captured from the former’s instagram post)

I don’t watch or follow this year’s SYTYCD series, but the dance routine J.T. and Robert in this video, which came as a surprise recommendation by Youtube in my laptop, can already be adjudged as the best performance of the season.

Grabe ang swabe!

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