Longganisa Pasta at Celias Cafe

Alaminos Longganisa, the Filipino chorizo sausage with the most exquisite taste for a longganisa takes a different form.  It is now tweaked into a delicious pasta dish.  And this can be found and tasted in an all-breakfast café in Alaminos Pangasinan.

homey & relaxing...

homey & relaxing…

Congratulations to Celias Café for serving a scrumptious Longganisa Pasta.  This café substituted the usual ground beef to the native and locally-made pork longganisa for its meat sauce.  The café also dropped the usual tomato-based mixture and instead settled for a rich, creamy and mushroom-y white sauce.  And to add more sophistication to this beautiful dish, Celias Café appropriately settled for the richer tasting fettuccine instead of the tired and usual spaghetti.

happy tummy! (inside Celias Cafe)

happy tummy! (inside Celias Cafe)

the annatto oil of the alaminos longganisa makes the dish looks reddish in color... yummy!

the annatto oil of the alaminos longganisa makes the dish looks reddish in color… yummy!

Served in generous portion, Celias Café’s Longanisa Pasta is served with a big chunk of toasted focaccia bread.  Celias Café actually bakes their own focaccia which can rival the best focaccia breads available here in Manila.  It was so tasty, I ordered for an additional chunk of this delicious bread!

Though this dish is not for the health conscious, Longganisa Pasta is a delightful super tasty dish which I believe could make Celias Café very popular.  It’s one luscious creation!

Pucha! Ang sarap! Lip smaking gud!

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