Don’t Come Around By Jessica Sanchez

After the semi-successful launch of the first single of American Idol Season 11 runner-up, people kept wondering what shall be the follow-up single on her first album launched in April/May of this year.

If the management of Jessica Sanchez would be able to read this post, I hope that the next single to be released in her Me, You & the Music album would be the reggae-like tune mixed with a whisk of dance-pop and R&B beats entitled Don’t Come Around.

If this track would be produced with very good music video, I believe this would be a potential big hit.  The beat is infectious, the type that would basically grow in you. This would be aside from the song’s tough and unapologetic message which would add some color to the somewhat bland and pa-twitams (nauseatingly cute) image of Jessica Sanchez.

Let me share this little golden nugget of a music.

Na-aw! Na-aw! Na-aw! 

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