Queen of Modern Headdress

I am happy that the music video of Dami Im has just been released today.  After watching the whole super nice video, the only thing that dawned on me is that Dami Im could possibly be the next fashion icon of this planet.

Dami has never been afraid to try new things to wear.  What is so impressive about her and her team of stylists (if ever she has one) are the various ornaments, hats, embellishments and head pieces she has worn and showed off.  Those stuffs were simply fresh, unique, chic and fashionable.

HRH Queen Elizabeth is too old while Lady Gaga looks too tired and worn out.  The freshly released video of Dami Im’s Alive simply seals her as the new Queen of Modern Headdress.  Those headdresses can truly trigger a different kind of fashion buzz…

Maka-suot nga ng ganyan sa sa opis sa Lunes…

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