Calum Scott Don’t Know

Calum Scott don’t know that I belong to the multitudes of British Got Talent viewers who was so moved when he sang his audition piece and celebrated along when he got the Golden Buzzer as bestowed by Simon Cowell.

Calum Scott don’t know that I definitely identify with his audition song “Dancing On My Own”!  And if I am going to sing that song, I will be like him.  I will definitely not change the pronouns in the lyrics.

Calum Scott don’t know that the first time I heard his song “You Are The Reason” was through my Spotify while I was travelling in Turkey.  He of course doesn’t know that I am one of the responsible blokes why such a song has so many airplays in Spotify.

Calum Scott don’t know that we actually have a lot in common.  We both love our family so much.  Both of us are momma’s boy.  Both of us are assiduous HR practitioners.  And both of us are attracted to the XY chromosomes.  

i was with my sister… waiting for calum as the theater starts to get full

Calum Scott don’t know that I am such a fan and did some unthinkable efforts so that I’d be able to see his first concert here in Manila.  And I was super happy when he sang my personal favorite “What I Miss Most”.  He was super adorable that night! My favorite part was when we at the audience were singing along with him. 

Now Calum Scott knows…

Ngayon alam na nya!

Now Federer Needs a Bigger Plane

Now that cart is 3 grand slam trophies heavier…

Many said that Roger Federer is no longer in his prime and is on his downhill path concerning his tennis career. Many doubted whether he would gloriously win another major, let alone return to the top of the rankings.

But last night Roger casted all doubts.  Federer won his 7th Wimbledon men’s singles title. It is his 17th grand slam championship and with this victory The Fed returned to the World Number One.

The Fed’s exciting tennis last night further proved that he remains to be the most daring player of his generation.  His strategic aiming for the lines in powerful yet elegant strokes remains.  He continues to push the boundaries between watchful assault and recklessness.

Now I won’t be surprised if Federer will reach his 20th grand slam championship and will need to get a much bigger plane!

The Fed
my long time sports idol

Kongrachulayshons Rudyer Peyderer!