Chicken Ala Kiev in Café Adriatico

When I read by chance the popular blog of Chuvaness, I was envious.  She posted that Chicken Ala Kiev is back.  It has been revived and reintroduced in the menu of Café Adriatico.  After reading her post I promised to myself that the meal I will order in Café Adriatico the next time I would get my nourishment from there would be that infamous dish.

While reading the comments section in Chuvaness’ post, I was a bit infuriated by someone who commented that the dish looks amazing and asked what camera Chuvaness used in taking those photos in her entry.  I was annoyed because for me an excellent photo is not based on what equipment being used but because of the excellent eye the photographer or photo-taker possesses.

chicken ala kiev, photo taken by chuvaness

It’s like saying a chef prepares a delicious and excellent dish and the one who consumed it asked what pots and pans the chef uses.  No restaurant diner who enjoyed a superb meal in his right set of thinking will attribute the delicious taste of a dish based on the brand of knives or potholders that the cook uses.

Like photography, cooking is an art.  Kaya nga may Culinary Arts! Tange! (Translation: That is why there exists what you call Culinary Arts. Moron!)

Anyway, I indeed ordered the renowned dish today and devoured it as my early dinner meal.  While cutting through the breaded chicken, I was literally jumping off my seat because the wicked butter literally erupted from the crust when I punched a hole from it.  It was so enjoyable my taste buds were jumping for joy and the only thing left on my plate was a small piece of bone and the squeezed piece of lemon.

my early dinner meal

yummy chicken ala kiev of cafe adriatico

May it be taken in a good or disastrous photo Chicken Ala Kiev in Café Adriatico is definitely a heavenly yet sinful dish!  It is such an evil of a dish I need to confess my sins for two hours inside the gym this coming weekend.  Try it…

Pihado, ga-mantikilya ang pawis ko sa sabado.

2 thoughts on “Chicken Ala Kiev in Café Adriatico

  1. amazingly delicious…I am not really a chicken person, but your blog left me drooling and I can’t wait to be at cafe adriatico. will that also be available in their gateway branch? can i have a bite please..


    • thanks “simply delicious”… i like your name… parang ako… anyway, it’s available in all cafe adriatico brances (malate, gateway and mall of asia). cheers!


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