David, Goliath and an Angry Bird

I have always wondered how David toppled down Goliath.  There must be something in the story of these two characters which has yet to be unraveled.  The picture below which I delicately altered is one personal theory.

david, goliath and an angry bird

On a more serious note, like the great David, I believe that all of us are exquisite, noble and powerful beyond our wildest fantasies.  I believe that every human makeup has an Angry-Bird-like weapon somewhere deep within ones persona.  It may be a sharp wit, a drop-dead gorgeous body, a rare talent, or a remarkable positive character trait.

And yet, a lot of us devalue ourselves and our capacities with weak alibis and hindering beliefs.  Maybe the reason why we do self-devaluations is because we are either too afraid of failures or too scared of successes.   That is why we end up like Goliath.

So let’s be like David and try unraveling our Angry Bird so as to conquer our life’s Goliath.

Pag ako binato ng Engri Berd, sasaluhin ko at i-aadobo ang ibong yan!

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