Madonna in Manila! Wehh???

OMG!!! Madonna the Queen of Pop is on a negotiating table with somebody here in the Philippines!!!  As messaged to me by my good friend Jesse, according to a leaked but unconfirmed itinerary document about the Madgesty’s upcoming world tour next year, Madonna if all things settled will perform here in Manila on May 8, 2012. (press this link to read more about the leak)

To connect an insane dot on this issue, a couple of months back when I along with my co-workers decided to have lunch in SM Mall of Asia we passed by the SM Arena that is presently being built adjacent to SM-MOA.  Dominic (the Operations Manager in the company I’m working for) told me that the arena being built is due to finish early next year and there is a rumor that Madonna is to usher in its grand launch by being the first person to perform in the high-tech structure.  I actually dismissed what Dominic said informing him that I (being a Madonna fan) have yet to hear or read about Madonna planning to have another world tour.

To further connect another freaking dot on this issue, a couple of weeks back my college classmate Karen Batangan posted on my Facebook wall that Madonna is due to hold a concert here in Manila.  When I tried to verify this information, this came from socialite Tim Yap’s tweet.  However, I dismissed this information after knowing that it came from Tim Yap since Tim Yap is not the type of person to be taken seriously.

And to still further connect another bizarre dot in this ever rising rumor or fact is that in recent days, I was able to catch a TV interview of Marvin Agustin who plans and dreams to bring a Madonna-concert here in the Philippines via his Futurement, Inc., the concert-organizing company who produced the recently successful Bruno Mars concert here in Manila.

In case Madonna’s concert will not push through here in the Philippines, this will actually give me a good reason to travel back to Australia to catch one of Madonna’s big nights Down Under.  (Calling on Joesel, paki book mo na ako sa bahay mo on April 2012. LOL!).  This is of course aside from having to catch up again with my dear Aussie friends…

Jusko, jusko, jusko! Eksayting!

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