Gaddafi Wardrobe

excuse me boy abunda

Two years ago on my way home to Manila from a holiday in Morocco I personally had the chance to be in Libya.  Too bad it was just for a couple of hours when my plane needs to stop in Tripoli for some passengers to disembark and a new batch of passengers to replace them and go on board heading towards Qatar.

I regret in failing the chance to see Tripoli during that time since that may be my biggest chance on stumbling upon the now dead Libya’s Strong Man, Muammar Gaddafi.  No, I am not a fan nor a supporter of this unstable and eccentric leader.  No way would I support a leader who’s willing to kill his own citizens just to cling on to power. I am actually happy that Libya now is in the verge of a new and beautiful beginning.

Nevertheless, I would sorely miss Gaddafi definitely not because of his regime or oppressive purification laws but because of his flamboyant and vibrantly-colored sense of fashion.  Here are some of the migraine-inducing grandiose razzle-dazzle fashions and ostentatious ornamentations strutted to us by Muammar…

kabog si tito germs
walang panama si mike velarde
nagmistulang boring si obama

Now if I had the chance to own a country, I would only wear either Canali or Armani.

Para syang si Amor Powers na nasa runway!

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