A Cloying Story Telling

Nauumay” an exceedingly expressive Tagalog word that we struggle to depict in the English language, the closest to which I could think of is the word ‘cloying’.  Nauumay is my general feeling every time I try to continue reading the bestseller novel entitled The Time Traveler’s Wife written by Audrey Niffenegger.  No matter how I struggle in trying to finish reading the book, it seems that every page seem obnoxiously nauseating.

I apologize to those people who overwhelmingly enjoyed and appreciated the book.  Maybe it is just my insane nature due to the numerous uranium-filled dinners I have lately been consuming.  But just to ventilate my points…

The book is thicker than a usual and average novel.  The events that transpired in the story seem so tedious to the point of being too repetitive.  The time traveler – whose depicted character is not to be adored and esteemed about – just keeps on moving from one circumstance to the next then back and forth throughout his life’s history that left me wondering on what specific highlights and turn of events the story would lead me.  The main character’s time travelling was too much it wears me dull to the point of boredom.

Moreover, the author failed to explicitly make clear how such time travelling capabilities originated.  Was it a heavenly spell, a wicked curse or based on a scientific backbone?  I kept on reading until I reached the middle of the book.  The author tried but failed to enlighten me as a reader.  To simply put it, I was jaded.

As a result, I simply dropped the book, go on with my delicious life and let the book gather dusts in my humble abode.  Nevertheless, I still hope I would get over with the cloying feeling and someday gather enough amounts of drive and impetus to finish it.

Ayun, naumay ako.

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