My CityVille

The once popular city-building simulation game developed by Zynga called CityVille has been eating and consuming a considerable amount of my delicious time.  As of this writing I already reached level 79.  I actually do not know what is its peak or its highest level.  While a lot of people have moved on with other games like using bird’s anger in killing pigs or busy changing their cyberspace Sims lifestyle, I still have no plans of stopping the development of my city just yet. (I guess I need to ‘get a life’).

CityVille has given me the opportunity to at least know how it feels to own, run and develop a city which may never transpire during the course of my precious life.  Or if in case I am actually destined to develop and operate a city similar to Ayala Land or Palafox Associates, I then have at least basic background and little knowledge on urban planning.

At present this bewildering chunk of a game has no apparent connection to my personal life.  It is actually a plain and simple way of wasting time in which I should have diverted to doing more worthy activities like cleaning my house or reading a book. Maybe in the near future, it would be my virtual reminder on how stupid I used to be.

Its artificial, its time consuming yet fun and exciting.  You may wonder how I would look like in my internet-simulated empire.  This is how I depict myself in that city…

Pengeng Zoning Permit!!!

Ang ngalan ng CityVille ko ay Baranggay Malinamnam. Parang ako lang.

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