Narnia is in Pasay

Though considered as the major gateway of the Philippines to the world, Pasay is one of the oldest cities in Metro Manila that has yet to turn around its bad image and reputation.  Mind-boggling traffic… squallid slums and squatters… horrible roads… ambulant vendors with unsanitary eateries… dirty politics… and of course garbage… Name it, my beloved Pasay has it.  This terribly polluted city has yet to change its impression to the public.

But boyoboyoboy, Pasay is where the magical world of Narnia is!  It is specifically located at Newport City Complex right across NAIA Terminal 3.

When you reach this highly urbanized city complex, it feels like walking into the magical wardrobe from a grim surroundings and then whoosh, you stepped into a portal to end up at a totally different spectrum!  It suddenly becomes a fairyland dimension of luxury, of high-end fashion and of lavishly-furnished space.

Me and Karen (my usual tour buddy) just had a delightful experience of a totally different Pasay.  We stayed overnight at the impeccable suite room of Maxims Tower; had sumptuous breakfast buffet at Impressions; had splendid Cantonese dimsum buffet for lunch at Passion; dipped into their elegantly styled infinity pool; drooled over the dazzling array of high-fashioned boutiques; and, won a couple of bucks at the grandiose casino.

with karen and baby : )
the lost siblings of peter, susan, edmund and lucy

We were treated like royalties by the butlers, I thought me and Karen were the missing-but-now-found crowned royal siblings of Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy Pevensie in The Chronicles of Narnia.

At dahil dyan, may pag-asa pa ang Eym Hay Pasay…

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