The Boy From Pasay Met The Boy From Oz

I along with Nengkoy and a few members of our family are excited to see the spectacular Lion King – The Musical in Singapore this coming weekend.  But before I write, praise or critique this tuneful show, let me reminisce the experience I had watching an enjoyable musical which, I fortunately saw when I was in Sydney a couple of months ago.

me inside capitol theatre in sydney

Australia’s iconic stage musical The Boy From Oz had a limited run at the Capitol Theatre in Sydney.  I and my friends were auspicious enough to have caught it.  The two-week run featured the amazing Todd McKenney who reprised his role as the legendary Peter Allen.  It was like watching Lea Salonga reprising her original role of Kim in Miss Saigon.

I did not expect too much from this musical but the spectacular show and the main character’s perfect high-kicks with poise and precision captured the bright spirit in me.  I was actually silently singing along while the show was running because almost all popular mainstream Peter Allen compositions were featured – Don’t Cry Out Loud; I Honestly Love You; Everything Old Is New Again; and, I’d Rather Leave While I’m In Love.

But personally the song I enjoyed most was not sung by McKenney but instead sung by the young Peter Allen played by Blake O’Leary entitled When I Get My Name In Lights.  While hearing the young thespian brilliantly sang and impressively struts his feet on the stage, it made me realize that I would definitely enjoy watching the rest of show as it progress.

The three Aussie friends I was with – Jesse, Jericho and Joesel – turned amazed and felt the ultimate Australian pride when the song I Still Call Australia Home was performed.  I could actually feel rare goose bumps were swelling out from their goose bumps.  While the same song was being sung by the ensemble and the high-spirited audiences were singing along, I on the other hand went so vulnerable for I wanted to rush to the nearest embassy to process the immediate conversion of my citizenship from gorgeous Pinoy to audacious Australian.  Good thing I did not have the time since I wanted to see how the story would end.

In a nutshell, the show was great, fantastic and very enjoyable.  I, the boy from Pasay had a pleasant experience seeing and meeting the Boy From Oz.

Aym impresd!!!

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