Free Hubert Webb

After fifteen long years in prison, Hubert Webb is neither innocent nor guilty but should be set free!  This is my personal opinion and assessment after watching last Sunday night the TV documentary “Cheche Lazaro Present:  Dalawang Mukha ng Hustisya”.

I am saying this not because the Philippine court should have accepted Webb’s greatest and absolute defense of being in US during the time of the crime as verified by FBI and certified no less by Madeleine Korbel Albright (first woman US Secretary of State).

I am saying this because some dimwit and defective government agency misplaced and unable to find the semen specimen found in the cadaver of Carmela (one of the victims in the Vizconde massacre) so as to compare it with the semen of Hubert Webb via DNA testing.  The missing semen specimen is a definite and clear-cut evidence that could no longer be presented in court not by fault by Webb but by fault of a Philippine government agency, thus, he in effect is deprived of due process.  Therefore he should be discharged, dismissed and relieved from the confines of prison.

Ang problema hindi ako ang Suprim Kort ng Pinas.  Keys dismis!

6 thoughts on “Free Hubert Webb

  • I believe it should have been a mistrial in the first place, because there was not enough physical evidence to link Hubert to the killing. He was convicted because of overwhelming mass belief that he was the killer, by believing what the media had portrayed him to be. If the DNA test was allowed back then, then this guy would not have spent a day in jail, even now the NBI would not allow the DNA samples to be verified because they are trying to cover up this case.
    It’s a pity that this guy had lost his future with incompetent officials who wanted to make a name for themeselves.


  • How could you say that? ABS CBN is biased. Ever since, they have been known for being biased about EVERYTHING. Dont be a fool you idiot.


  • Oo nga palayain na lang yan. Para din namang hindi nakakulong yan. Sayang lang pera ng bayan. Lahat naman silang nakulong dahil sa kaso na yan puro inosente. At eto pa isa, 80% yata ng nakakulong sa Munti puro inosente. Baka balang araw lumabas diyan na yung mag iinang Vizconde ang nagpatayan. Iba talaga nagagawa ng pera.


    • isipin mo lang… kung may pera sila at pwedeng talagang bayaran, bakit hahayaan nilang makulong si hubert et al ng fifteen years? di ba dapat binayaran na nila agad para di na nakuong? just a thought…


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